Tuesday’s Tip: Make a decision

My Dad always says to me:

“The most important thing is to make a decision.”

And, you know what? As much as I hate to say it – he’s right. Even if it’s the wrong decision you can stop, turn round and start again. But as least you’ve started, at least you’ve made A decision.

So this is my tip for you – whatever you are trying to decide, whatever decision you have to make, whatever choices you have just pick one!

It may be as simple as Chocolate versus Vanilla ice-cream – pick one, and if you REALLy feel you made a wrong choice get the other one next time. If you’re thinking about starting something new, either decide to do it and maybe not enjoy it or find it’s the best thing you’ve ever done….or decide you’re not going to do it and carry on with your life.

Alright – these are extremes, and I am not, by any means, saying that they will be easy decisions to make. But more often than not it’s the worrying and thinking about making the choice that is worse than actually making the decision.

– If you do take any of my advice I’d love to hear how you get on! One of my recent decisions (as i’ve been on a bit of a ‘Just go for it’ mission lately) was to start this blog. I’m still waiting to see if it’s the right decision to make, so any feedback would be just lovely. Please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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