Who is minirhi?

Ok. So, minirhi isn’t my REAL name. It was a nickname I picked up in university. My name is Rhian (hence Rhi) and I am 5 foot tall (so….mini).

I quite like it. It’s slightly better than Little Rhi as I was in school.

I’m guessing you’re probably not very interested in my life up to about 18, so…

My BA (hons) degree was in Graphic Design & Interactive Media at Bath Spa. I enjoyed uni life and made some very close friends. But I’m not overly confident that the degree itself got me very far in life. The being away from home thing, definitely did though.

After uni I went to work for my Dad, something I said I would never do, to cover 6 months maternity leave. The intention being that I would look for another job. But I ended up enrolling on a KTP project – basically a graduate scheme that includes management training – for 18 months. This began my interest in marketing.

That was 4 years ago.

I still work for my Dad, but have rekindled my crafting side and have recently started a part-time cake making venture.

I love Twitter & Facebook and can see the key advantages of it for crafty and cake related businesses, not to mention not-for-profit organisations.

I have recently got involved in conversations offering my (fairly limited) advice to people and thought that maybe I could help more people and improve my marketing skills by starting a blog.

This blog.

I also work a lot with a local rugby club, raising money and awareness, planning events and so on, and have recently got involved with a charity offering them help with social media & networking.

So, while I don’t profess to be a marketing guru, I can help people who know less about it than me. And hope I can do it without too much jargon and marketing-speak. But I’m not promising anything! 🙂

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